Spiritual Management for Professionals

Spiritual Management for Professionals

Spiritual Management for Professionals

Course objectives:

  • Introduce learners to a basic understanding of the term “spiritual management”.
  • Introduce spiritual management approach to be used by MBA entrepreneurs/corporate executives of Academia & Industry for stress management, time management, interpersonal relationship, acceptance of present and vertical growth.
  • Critically reflect through oral comprehensions about the general contents of the knowledge of spiritual management.
  • Introduce learners to the sequence of human development from the ‘evolution’ to the ‘merger’ which includes the phases of religion-philosophy-science-parascience-engineering-technology-management- spirituality-spiritual management.
  • Explore the understanding and utility of Para-scientific experimentation (that is finer than ‘material technology’); which is to be used to formulate spiritual management approach for further development. Course will endeavour to address these aspects: 1) Personality analysis (physical levels), 2) Scope of Science 3) Personality analysis (intellectual/mental level), 4) Scope of Para-science 5) Knowledge of Para-scientific practices 6) Personality analysis (spiritual level) 7) Scope of Spiritual science 8) Spiritual technology 9) Management 10) Spiritual management.

Understanding & Utility of Para-Scientific Experiments Fees: $199 (INR 10,000 for Indian Students)

Overview: This course focuses on exploring para-scientific experimentation and its relevance in formulating approaches for spiritual management.


  • Personality analysis at physical, intellectual, and spiritual levels.
  • Understanding the scope of science and para-science in human development.
  • Exploration of para-scientific practices and their implications.


  • In-depth discussions and analysis of personality traits and levels of development.
  • Case studies and presentations highlighting the scope and utility of para-scientific experimentation.