Values & Spirit

Dharma protects those who protect it. our values follow the Yamas and Niyamas - Moral and Ethical Ideals of Hindus

1. Ahimsã (non-injury) Don’t harm others by word, deed or thought.
2. Satya (truthfulness) Refrain from lying and betraying promises.
3. Asteya (nonstealing) Don’t steal, covet or enter into debt.
4. Brahmachãrya (controlling sex) Observe celibacy when single and faithfulness in marriage.
5. Kshamã (forgiveness) Restrain from intolerance and ill will.
6. Dhriti (firmness) Overcome fear, indecision, and fickleness.
7. Dayã (compassion) Conquer callous and insensitive feelings.
8. Ãrjava (honesty) Renounce fraud, cheating and stealing.
9. Mitãhãra Refrain from overeating and consuming meat.
10. Shaucha (purity) Observe purity of the body, mind and intellect.
11. Hrî (remorse) Be modest and show remorse for misconduct.
12. Santosha (contentment) Don't be a slave to the senses. Seek joy and serenity in the Self.
13. Dãna (tithing) Give generously without thought of reward. The more you give, the more you get.
14. Ãstikya (faith) Have unwavering faith in God's grace.
15. Pûjana (worship) Perform daily worship and meditation.
16. Shravana (hearing of scriptures) Study scriptures, listen to the teachings of the wise, and faithfully follow guru's advice.
17. Mati (cognition) Sharpen the intellect with guru's guidance.
18. Vrata (sacred vows) Observe scriptural injunctions faithfully.
19. Japa (chanting) Chant God's names and sacred mantras daily.
20. Tapas (austerity) Perform sãdh.